Watergaw Ceramics
Studio Pottery and In Glaze Lustre Specialist


Watergaw Ceramics can be found in the former Methodist Church in Whitehills and it is where the resident potter and designer, Fiona Duckett makes a large variety of pots and other ceramic objects all glazed with a unique glaze called 'In Glaze Reduction Lustre'. 

The Pottery has a shop as part of the workshop and it is normally open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am until 5 pm - visitiors are welcome but if travellng from a distance it's best to phone first. Or check the News and Events page where I will try and keep you up to date.
Through my website I aim to give you a feel of the range of products that I design and make at Watergaw Ceramics in Whitehills. There will be more to follow technical glitches both of the making and publishing on line not withstanding!
When you are making In Glaze Reduction Lustre ware you are said to be chasing the rainbow - trying to capture all the colours of the rainbow in your glazes. 
Watergaw is ancient scot for a partial or incomplete rainbow and when I came across the word in  a poem by Hugh McDiarmid called After the Watergaw - I knew this was the name for my pottery
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