Watergaw Ceramics
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Studio Pottery and In Glaze Lustre specialist
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I make a wide range of pottery - bowls, vases, lamp bases, candlesticks, dishes, jewellery and more, but everything has my special glaze on it. All the In Glaze Reduction Lustre glazes that I use I developed. In Glaze Reduction Lustre has been around for more than 2000 years - but I was lucky to have a technician at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee called Paul Spence who encouraged me to create my own glazes. I continue to experiment to this day and am still searching for that elusive dark purple and a dark green, but enjoying the results along the way!
I mainly throw pieces but enjoy adding hand built elements and slip cast my vessels.

Watergaw Ceramics Multi lustre dish
green multi lustre dish
Watergaw Candlesticks
Lustre Candlesticks
A range of multi lustre bowls, Vases and lamp bases where there are 4 different lustre glazes painted on which then do different things where they touch and merge.
The bowls range in size from approximately 12 cm in diameter to 34cm daimeter.
The vases range in height from 12 cm to 45 cm.

A wide variety of single lustre pieces are made show is a pair of candlesticks height approximately 20cm high
Lustre porcelain dish
porcelain handbuilt dish
One of the newest pieces to the stable - this dish is handbuilt using porcelain pushed into moulds made from actual shrubs. The piece is then high bisque fired before a low glaze firing and then the lustre firing