Watergaw Ceramics
Studio Pottery and In Glaze Lustre specialist

About Us

My name is Fiona Duckett and I established Watergaw Ceramics in 2000 having finished a degree in Ceramics at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee and a Masters at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. Prior to going to University I had worked for two different potters in St Andrews (Anne Lightwood and George Young) who had encouraged my love of clay. In 2002 the old Methodist Church was up for sale in the village that I lived and having successfully bought it, it took a year to turn it into my workshop and shop.
The former Methodist Church is an absolutely fantastic work space with its large windows and open space it is truly inspirational. When I first moved in I had come from a tiny studio in Aberdeen (10ft by 12ft) which had my kiln, a wheel and a sink in it - I made around the available space. I never thought I would fill the pottery but I have and and frequently worry about where to put things. Below is a series of pictures before and some after the work that was done,  including two of the choir singing in the Church (grateful thanks to my neighbour Jimmy Watson for the kind use if these).
Watergaw Ceramics early days
Choir in front of the pulpit
Watergaw Ceramics early days
Choir singing
Watergaw Ceramics early days
Half the pews gone
Wategaw Ceramics the beginning
Nearly there
Wategaw Ceramics the beginning
pews all stacked up ready to go
Watergaw Ceramics Shop
Shop view at Watergaw Ceramics
Watergaw Ceramics Ware boards
Ware board area